Rescued Percherons, Snowflake and Snowdrop

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One of our objectives at Hog Hollow Horse and Carriage Trails is to provide a safe haven and happy home to rescue horses. A year ago we were contacted by the horse welfare regarding two draft horse mares that needed a home. The two 9 year old mares used to do logging in the Knysna forest but machinery had taken over their role and they were pretty much left to their own devices whilst, periodically, used to produce snake venom anti-bodies which is used in anti-venom for humans bitten by snakes. This is quite a stressfull process as the horses’ only contact with humans was when they were hearded into a crush and snake venom was injected into their bodies and then the anti- bodies they produced was harvested some months later. They came to associate humans with pain and discomfort. With the help of Natural Horsemanship and integration into our herd of 30 horses, they are now allowed to live as part of a herd and have been trained up to pull our carriage in The Crags Winelands. Snowflake and Snowdrop have changed from being terrified of humans te being loving and affectionate and are brilliant at their job!! Come and meet them - they love a cuddle...

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